Who's Ian Denegri?

My name is Ian and I'm a software developer based out of the United States! Here are some of my passions and interests:

  • Full stack web development
  • Self improvement and learning
  • Solving problems and puzzles
  • Collecting toys, trinkets, and games

Past Works

My primary career focus is software development; specifically, back-end development for web applications and serverless scripts that use Python. However, that isn't to say that I only do web development work. ;) Check out some of my past works:

  • Twitter Old Tweet Maintenance - Python Script deployed to Heroku that runs hourly to check various parameters on a user’s tweets and then deletes tweets that fulfill certain criteria based on age, interactions, original poster and content type.
  • Hololive Idol Archive - Django-based web application that is hosted on Heroku. The purpose is to have an archive to reference for live music performances by Hololive’s talents. The nav bar at the top of the site changes based on authentication to provide additional functionality to add more data to the archive. The site also features some search functionality using Django’s ORM to create queries that search various models.
  • My Portfolio Site - This is the that site you're currently on! This site is nothing complex but is my first app written that can be pulled and used as a template. The site is created with Django and utilizes Heroku and AWS S3.