Who's Ian Denegri?

My name is Ian and I'm a software developer based out of the United States! Here are some of my passions and interests:

  • Back End Development
  • User Experience
  • Self Improvement and Learning
  • Collecting toys, trinkets and games

Past Works

My primary interest is software development; specifically, backend development for web apps using Python and the Django framework. However, that isn't to say that I only do web development work. ;) Check out some of my past works:

  • My Portfolio Site - This is the that site you're currently on! This site is nothing complex but is my first app written that can be pulled and used as a template.
  • Reddit-like Clone - This is one of my first attempts at Django. This project is an attempt at cloning of Reddit. Utilizes authentication and validation for subreddit permissions.
  • Django Social Blog - Started as a simple blog but has been expanded to be a social networking blog. This project is constantly ongoing and what I expand on when I work on personal projects.